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The medium spoon produces a nice low tone. It's the perfect size for adults who want to start playing the musical spoons as well as for kids age 6 and up. Its design is inspired by two traditional spoons joined together.

Heritage Musical Spoons is owned and operated by Richard and Mathieu, a father and son team from Quebec City, Canada.  Richard, who has had a lifelong love of woodworking, crafted his first set of spoons in 1997 to help a friend who was looking for a unique gift for his tourist clients. Word got around about the feel and quality of the spoons, and Richard soon got requests to make more. When they are not crafting or marketing their spoons, Richard and Mathieu both enjoy spending time outdoors. Richard is passionate about kite-surfing, and in the winter, he hits the backcountry on his skis. Mathieu enjoys travel and trail running.

Heritage Musical Spoons are handmade in Canada out of maple wood. Choose from a wide selection of colors! 

Natural Wood

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