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Introducing the Dulcimer Essentials Package with Tuner!

Your all-in-one solution to embark on your dulcimer journey! Crafted with both beginners and seasoned players in mind, this comprehensive package is designed to provide everything you need to delve into the exciting world of dulcimers!

Included in this Dulcimer Essentials Package are:

  • Ewing Capo: (Choose from Walnut or Cherry)

    Unlock the full potential of your instrument with the Ewing Capo, the ultimate tool for musicians seeking versatility and creativity in their playing. 

    Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Ewing Capo  boasts a simple design that ensures effortless application and reliable performance. Its padded clamp mechanism provides a secure grip on your dulcimer, allowing for seamless transitions between fret positions without compromising intonation or tone quality.

    With the Capo Companion at your fingertips, you'll have the power to instantly transpose your favorite songs to different keys, enabling you to adapt to any vocal range or musical situation with ease. Whether you're accompanying a singer, jamming with friends, or performing solo, the Ewing Capo ensures that you're always in control of your sound.

  • Strap: (Choose from Burgundy, Tan, Blue, Pink, Green, Black with Blue Stripes, Rainbow, Navy, Brown, Black, and Red)

    These straps provide reliable support and stability, allowing you to focus on making music without worrying about your dulcimer slipping or shifting.

    The adjustable length ensures a customized fit for players of all sizes. Whether you're strumming along to folk tunes, picking out intricate melodies, or improvising on the fly, this strap provides the support you need.

  • Tuner:

    Your Perfect Pitch Partner! This compact and easy-to-use tuner ensures that your dulcimer stays perfectly in tune, allowing you to focus on creating beautiful music without the hassle of manual tuning.

    Featuring a clear and intuitive display, this Tune Tech Tuner provides accurate real-time feedback, making it effortless to achieve precise tuning for every string. 

    Compact and portable, the Dulcimer Tuner is the ideal companion for rehearsals, performances, and jam sessions alike. This tuner can also be used to tune guitars, ukuleles, and basses.

  • Herdim Pick: (Choose from Red, Yellow, or Blue)
    The triple gauge Herdim pick was developed by Günther Dick in the 1960’s during the "guitar boom“.

    Yellow is Thin. Red is Medium. Blue is Thick. And on each pick, each side has a different gauge: I = soft, II = medium, III = hard

Valued separately at $47.49, save over 10% when purchasing the Dulcimer Essentials Package!

Herdim Pick

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