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This Pam and Tim Ernst book is a brand new guidebook that details 105 short and easy dayhiking trails all across Arkansas. There is a map, “hot dog” rating, and complete walking description for each trail, plus dozens of special kid tips from Amber Ernst (Pam and Tim’s ten-year-old daughter), and woods lore from the Wise Old Owl. There is also a Scavenger Hunt where kids can get a free color patch just for hiking some of the trails and answering simple questions. Trails that are stroller and wheelchair accessible are noted. This is a perfect guidebook for kids of all ages, and for adults who just want an easier trail to hike on – especially great for grandparents! Includes trails in more than 30 state parks all over Arkansas, including in the eastern and southeastern parts of the state – plus trails in national forests and national parks, Arkansas Game & Fish areas, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineer lake parks. Some trails are paved, others are true wilderness trails – yet still short and easy to hike. There are wildlife trails, interpretative trails, and historical trails too.

Notch bound and plastic laminated for durability.

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