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Thanks to Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and dozens of other cartoon characters, you're already familiar with many of the pieces in this book.

Thanks to Carol Walker (the Wascalliest Wabbit of all) and her lifelong immersion in classical music, along with extensive study of music theory and orchestration, this unique book fills an otherwise empty niche in the dulcimer world.

Rewriting a piece originally played by an 80-piece symphony orchestra for a 3-string diatonically-fretted folk instrument is no easy task, but Carol has made it happen.  You'll recognize the infamous "Ride of the Valkyries" as you play through "Kill da Wabbit," on your dulcimer.

The book contains 25 extended solos ("recital pieces"), eight duets and two trios, AND the famous "Canon in D," arranged from Pachelbel's original score, written in 1680.  This arrangement also includes two additional simplified versions of the "Canon," enabling almost any player, regardless of level of ability, to enjoy this piece.

A special feature of this book is the availability of recordings and videos of every song, plus each part of every ensemble arrangement.  These recordings would easily fill two CDs, so to keep costs down, Carol has opted to place these items on her website.   The instructional videos will help you figure out the more challenging techniques required for some of the pieces.  In short, it's like having Carol right there with you every time you dig out the book!

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