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This bless your heart tea towel is a great way to show off your Southern pride!  In the South, the term "Bless your heart" can mean about 10 different things, ranging from, "oh how sad," to "you are dumb as a rock." Only a true Southerner or someone who is Southern at heart can truly translate this phrase. This flour sack tea towel is a great addition to your collection, and if your friends don't understand it, well then, bless their hearts! The bless your heart tea towel design is cut from professional-quality heat transfer vinyl and applied with heat and pressure to make a towel that is funny, functional, classy, and sassy! The flour sack tea towel itself is 100% cotton. Heat transfer vinyl will not fade in the wash, so you can use this towel without fear of ruining it! This luxury trifold towel is approximately 27″x27″ when opened up. You might also like this don't make me go Southern on y'all tea towel.

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