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Includes lifetime warranty, strap buttons to match pegheads, padded navy nylon case, beginner book, pick, noter, and leather tie.   

Choose the McSpadden base model or customize your own McSpadden dulcimer from options below!

This McSpadden standard dulcimer has a 28 1/2" vibrating string length (VSL) and includes 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 frets.  This instrument comes tuned in D-A-dd; if you would like it in D-A-aa please choose this option.  

The dulcimer shown is an example of this model.  This incredible handcrafted instrument is built with pride, one at a time. The natural wood retains the character making it unique and is part of the story that makes this heirloom dulcimer one of a kind. 

Each dulcimer is signed and numbered. 

(To personalize dulcimers with options requires 4-6 weeks. We will notify you.)

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