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Includes Lifetime Warranty, strap buttons to match peghead, padded teal nylon case, beginner book or strings (depending on tuning) pick, noter, and leather tie.

Choose the McSpadden base model or customize your own McSpadden Dulcimer from options below!

McSpadden Ginger models are smaller dulcimers with a 23-5/16" fretboard that can provide a high (Key of G) clear voice similar to that of a mandolin. On request they can be set up in the Key of D to be used as a smaller standard dulcimer for players who have difficulty reaching positions on a standard size fretboard.

The voice remains bright and clear whichever key is chosen. The standard setup is G-D-GG. Optional setups are G-D-DD, D-A-DD, and D-A-AA.

Included are 6-1/2 and 13-1/2 frets, When set up in Key of D a beginner instruction book is provided and for Key of G setups an extra set of strings is substituted for the book.  

The dulcimer shown is an example of this model.  This incredible handcrafted instrument is built with pride, one at a time. The natural wood retains the character making it unique and is part of the story that makes this heirloom dulcimer one of a kind. 

Each dulcimer is signed and numbered. 

(To personalize dulcimers with options requires 4-6 weeks build time. We will notify you.)

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