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The Celtic Collection


by Lorinda Jones


A collection of songs, jigs, hornpipes, airs, polkas, and marches from the Celtic Lands of Scotland, Ireland, and England. The songs are arranged for mountain dulcimer primarily in 1-5-8(mixolydian) tuning, along with a few tunes in 1-5-5(Ionian) tuning.

A few songs include:

Irish Lamentation
Off She Goes
The Hills of Lorne
and many more

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The Essential Hammered Du...


by Jess Dickinson

This Basic Instruction Manual includes step-by-step instructions for Basic Chord Structure, Playing Chords, Playing Arpeggios & Block Chords, Adding Ornimentation and Embellishments, Using Chord Charts, Playing in Different Time Signatures plus how to tune, join a jam, hammering skills and more.

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