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The 3-string Choir


by Tull Glazener

Book and CD

A collection of 25 lovely hymns in multi-parts, one to 5 parts all in DAdd tuning. A wonderful source for ensemble playing, in tab and notation (melody line). Comes with a comprehensive CD with some parts separate for practice purposes.

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The Best of Brumley


by Albert Brumley

The songs contained in this book are generally believed to represent the best of more than 600 Brumley songs.

The Celtic Collection


by Lorinda Jones


A collection of songs, jigs, hornpipes, airs, polkas, and marches from the Celtic Lands of Scotland, Ireland, and England. The songs are arranged for mountain dulcimer primarily in 1-5-8(mixolydian) tuning, along with a few tunes in 1-5-5(Ionian) tuning.

A few songs include:

Irish Lamentation
Off She Goes
The Hills of Lorne
and many more

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