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SSKit-S Scroll Peghead Ki...


Sweet Song Kit with Scroll Peghead & Walnut top & back. All the parts to make the dulcimer are included. A completely illustrated book of assembly instructions is included to guide you in your venture. All you have to provide is glue, sandpaper, finish, a few simple tools, and 15-20 hours of loving labor.

In the photo, the Scroll Peghead and tuning pegs are shown on the right side.

Standard 6 String Set


1st, 2nd & 6th string: .010 Plain Steel. 3rd & 4th string: .012 Plain Steel. 5th string: .022 Ni Wound. D-A-D tuning, ball end strings.  Also fits the Schnaufer Model 6 String.

Standard and Baritone Due...


The Standard dulcimer uses DAD and DGD tunings, requires a 1 1/2 fret with some Capo.  The Baritone dulcimer is tuned to GDG.  This book is for an Intermediate level player.

Free downloadable audio tracks available at

Standard and Bass Dulcime...


by Larry Conger

Two books. (one standard and one bass)

A collection of arrangements that include blues, gospel, pop, Celtic and old time Americana.  Larry and Elaine have included 3 of Larry’s original songs that have become favorites in the dulcimer community.  Some duets, some trios in DAD tuning with some capo, both dulcimers require a 1 1/2 fret.

Free downloadable audio tracks available at

More by Larry Conger Click Here

Standard Case


Soft sided case of Navy nylon with 1/2″ foam padding and inner lining of black knit. Fits a dulcimer 36 inches long by 7 inches wide. This case will be shipped by either UPS or USPS First Class.

The standard shipping rate for USPS is $15.00 and UPS varies by state.