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Pro (Foam Core) Case Upgr...


This option is only available when purchasing a new mountain dulcimer as an upgrade from the standard padded nylon case. It cannot be ordered as a separate item. See Pro (Foam Core) Case description for actual size and shipping requirements on this case.   Shipping costs may vary and you will receive a refund or request for additional funds through PayPal.

Also Available For Purchase Without A Dulcimer $80.00 Item #0016

RichWoods Glass-Eyed R...


by Emily Phillips And Martin-Darrell

Tunes: Bunker Hill; Limey; Pretty Little Girl; Schottische; Bodard Waltz; R’ar Up; Glass-Eyed ‘Possum; Old Liberty; Smokey Mountain Cakewalk; Good Morning Waltz; Texas Starvation; Old Miss Coleman; Black-eyed Suzie; Black Widow Waltz; Long-Eared Mule; Snow On The Mountain; Solder’s Joy; When Darkies Are Sad; Jay Bird; Bookmiller’s Tune.