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What's Cookin's goal is to bring the family back to the dinner table in 30 minutes or less. Most of my memories come from sitting at the dinner table with my family sharing stories about the day’s happenings. Now as a working mom I understand how chaotic and hectic the daily life can become but my focus has been and will always remain on gathering my family around the table. What’s Cookin’ has allowed me to achieve this goal. The easy prep meals take the stress and time commitment out from behind the stove and more time around the dinner table. It doesn’t hurt to see full bellies and smiling faces across the table.

We specialize in making the best seasoning/food mixes that turn into full meals, sides, desserts, snacks... and so much more. Each packet only needs a few ingredients -- and we promise it will take less than an hour every time!

A little unknown fact about our products. We are packaged and produced in Nashville, Arkansas at the Howard County Developmental Center. The mentally and physically disabled adult clients are able to work on our production line to gain skills, have a purpose driven life, and supplement their income.



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