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Best Dulcimer Method Yet


by Albert Gamse

A selection of songs in D-A-A tuning including categories: Americana, Blues, Christmas Songs, Cowboy Songs, Folk Songs, Stephen Foster, Gay 90’s, Home and Family, Instrumental, International, Love Songs, Nursery Songs, Party Favorites and Sacred & Spiritual.

Blues Method for Mountain Dulcimer 101


by Bing Futch

This book will set out to introduce a method of playing authentic blues on the mountain dulcimer. The author assumes that the reader has a working knowledge of their instrument and is able to read tablature, strum and fingerpick, play chord shapes and use a capo. Elements of music theory will be introduced and incorporated in the form of exercises. Includes CD.

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Camp Meetin’ Songs


by Albert Brumley

Many of the songs found in this book were “born” in meetings such as “Brush Arbor” revivals and “Camp Meetings” and some are still popular in church services and singings.