6 String Baritone, Flat Peghead, Hourglass with Redwood top, Cherry back and sides. Comes with padded Navy nylon case. **Upgrading to a Pro Foam case will increase shipping.

The McSpadden 6 String Baritone dulcimers have a 28 1/2″ vibrating string length and are usually tuned in the Key of A with 6 1/2 and 13 1/2 frets included. The basic setup is AA-eE-AA. From that setup you can use any of the common baritone tunings, such as GG-dD-GG or AA-dD-AA. If you prefer an Ionian mode setup such as AA-eE-EE or GG-dD-DD, select “Bridge Compensation” under accessories and use the Special instructions feature of the order entry to specify. Standard case, pick, noter, spare string set, Chrome strap buttons and warranty included. Popular options with a baritone dulcimer include: Ebony Fretboard Overlay; Squeakless Strings; Extra Frets; Pro Case Upgrade (foam core); Black or Gold Tuning Pegs and Strap Buttons (Black or Gold).

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Weight 7 lbs


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